In 2011 while working with poor and homeless men in Pretoria I, Kyle Ueckermann, met a Zimbabwean refugee called Maurice.

As our friendship grew, Maurice opened up to me about the difficulties he faced. No money, no work and no passport meant every day was a fight for survival.

I listened to Maurice share the hopelessness of his situation and realized that I was completely unequipped to make any long term difference in the life of my friend.
Maurice & I in 2011.
My experience with Maurice led me to make a personal promise... to find a way to help everything that he represented.

Seven years later, after gaining experience in software development and cofounding a technology company, March 2018 saw Vollar come to life.

Through Vollar we are developing a new currency that not only empowers community upliftment but creates opportunities for work and skills development, targeting those needing them most.

Together we can build a future where no one needs to be homeless or hungry, where the streets are clean and communities are safe.
Will you join us in being part of the solution?

Vollar is a registered non profit organization.
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