The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

The Goals interconnect and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030

VOLLAR is excited to share how we are creating new pathways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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VOLLAR is a completely new approach to solving avoidable poverty through empowering individuals with possibilities to earn income.

Earning currency through creating positive impact creates a bridge for under-resourced individuals to empower themselves and simultaneously better their communities.

We believe in creating work over giving handouts—nobody really wants to be a charity case.
In the near future, VOLLAR will be used to buy food nearing its end of shelf life, linking those who are hungry to food that is otherwise wasted.

VOLLAR provides a dignifying alternative for families to put food on the table. And because it’s digital, we can regulate it to ensure access to life essentials only instead of the temptation for drugs and alcohol.
VOLLAR could be used as payment at private health care providers as part of corporate social responsibility.

At scale, this could drastically decrease the strain on the public healthcare system. We already have a private practice who are interested.

On top of this, access to food, decreased financial strain, and the joy of giving to your community will have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of the masses.
VOLLAR is being used to foster collaboration between primary, secondary, and tertiary education, where university students are earning VOLLAR by mentoring struggling students in primary and secondary schools situated in low-income communities.
Majority of active VOLLAR users are women.

This is not surprising. Due to the nature of social issues in low-income communities, women are usually left to support the family.

VOLLAR creates a system that empowers these women to sustain themselves and their families.
In the future, VOLLAR could be used to track and incentivize any social good that is quantifiable.

Right now, we are focused on tracking work hours, but already we’re exploring tracking and incentivizing liters of water saved and kilograms of goods recycled.
VOLLAR could be used to purchase electricity from local grocery stores, creating access that can power homes.

Through partnerships with electricity providers, VOLLAR could be used to purchase clean energy at a discounted rate and qualify the provider for tax incentives.
VOLLAR creates access to new forms of work in the way of impactful micro-jobs. This could be anything from collecting and recycling trash to developing a small business in a low-income community.

Micro-jobs centered around social impact create a nearly infinite number of new sustainable jobs, which in turn also better our world

We can only imagine the positive impact this transformative idea will have on the GDP.
VOLLAR is being used to fund small business development in low-income communities.

Entrepreneurs trapped without access to funding can't focus on their company due to the strain of needing to feed their family. VOLLAR fixes this by empowering them to earn VOLLAR while developing their business in approved incubation programs. Once they graduate, their business can accept VOLLAR, creating access to a local market that can purchase their products and services.

VOLLAR is for everyone.

We designed VOLLAR to have no barrier to entry so no person is excluded.

Our vision is to build a world where every person has the opportunity to develop themselves and sustain their life with dignity.
VOLLAR is in the process of piloting new forms of community and municipal collaboration where community members earn VOLLAR through taking part in community upkeep, a task which is usually offloaded on municipalities.

Due to budget and time constraints, many communities get ignored. VOLLAR makes municipal collaboration possible and scalable.

This model fosters a sense of community ownership of communal property which we believe will decrease vandalism in the long run.
VOLLAR is currently being used to empower community cleanup, and sorting and recycling of glass and plastics.

This has attracted a lot of attention to municipal waste management.
Those living in low-income communities are often restricted from joining skills development or training programs because they need to hustle every day to put food on the table.

VOLLAR makes it feasible for these individuals to take time out to attend community classes, earn VOLLAR and use that to buy life essentials.

This will create new opportunities to educate the masses on climate change and how they can build a sustainable future for their community.
VOLLAR helps us reimagine what is possible.

Part of this is making mass recycling a reality. The less plastic that litters coastal communities, the less chance for those plastics to make their way into our oceans.
VOLLAR is being used to empower community greening and community gardens in partnership with our local municipality.

We are using this opportunity to also create learning events where community members are earning VOLLAR for educating themselves in the basics of horticulture and agriculture.
VOLLAR is a model for funding social impact that creates strong, transparent accountability, ensuring the impact of every cent is accounted for.

Social impact funds can now safely and effectively empower the beneficiary directly... instead of secretly landing up in someone’s pocket.
VOLLAR creates the opportunity for corporates to reimagine what is possible through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

VOLLAR has been privileged to already be part of some of this thinking, like using CSR funding to incentivize basic agriculture training in low-income communities to create the next generation of producers for the food supply chain.