Starting at Stellies


Be a change maker.

Starting May 7th, we are testing the feasibility of Vollar. We need your help to show the world that Vollar works. Here's how...

1. Volunteer

Volunteer in local projects with MGD or with Vollar through our meetup group.

2. Earn Vollar

Every hour you volunteer during the test will earn you 1 physical vollar token.

3. Get rewarded

Trade your tokens for rewards at participating outlets in Stellenbosch.
Only 450 tokens are up for grabs in this test. Vollar tokens must be redeemed at local retailers by June 30, 2018.
After June 30, Vollar will close the test until we release our app and the vollar digital currency goes public.

Get rewarded by
your community.

Take your Vollar tokens to any of these outlets by June 30th and get rewards for volunteering.
Want to get your business involved?
Click here.

What does the future hold?

After the feasibility test closes on June 30, 2018, we will use our findings to improve our app before it releases in July.

We believe Vollar will change the landscape of communities all around the world, opening new opportunities not only for students, but for every sector of society.

By taking part you are providing valuable information to help bring Vollar to the world.
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