Organizations partner with Vollar to create impactful initiatives, strategically designed with Vollar incentives driving the desired outcomes.

These Vollar incentives are funded by the organization according the initiatives requirements, budget, and milestones. For example, if you are running a training program, you might consider offering a 100 Vollar incentive for passing a test (1.00 = R1.00)
People earn the Vollar incentives based on milestones set out for the initiative, remember that test example we gave before? We recommend using Vollar to drive positive behaviour and outcomes that are critical to the initiatives success.
Small Businesses
What makes Vollar so special is that it can only be redeemed at small businesses. This maximizes the impact of the organization, since the money they used to fund incentives supports the local economy by giving small businesses an additional source of income.

Participating small businesses can link their bank account and cash out the Vollars back to it's the local currency.

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