How does someone earn?
Users can register for a Vollar wallet that allows them to earn Vollar and pay with Vollar. A wallet is a short 8 character ID that can be easily remembered or printed. The wallet is secured with a 4 digit pin number that is entered when making a payment.
Does someone need a phone to use Vollar?
Users don't need a phone to use Vollar.
They can register for a Vollar wallet through any device with internet access but don't need a phone to earn or pay.
Once they have registered and have a wallet ID, they only need to give their wallet ID when earning or paying.
How do I bring Vollar to my community?
We are currently only running pilots with a few key partners.
If you have a project that you would like to run Vollar in, please contact us with information about the project.
Please note that organisations running Vollar need to fund their own incentives, we are unable to help raise funding for projects.
How is Vollar different from M-Pesa?
Vollar is a digital incentive currency. Users can earn it from organisations running Vollar incentives, but unlike M-Pesa, Vollar is not a platform for storing money and sending it digitally.
Why would a store accept Vollar?
Stores that accept Vollar can cash-out the currency and receive the funds that backed the incentive directly into their bank account.
How can a store accept Vollar?
Stores need to register for a merchant account and can use the Vollar merchant app to accept the currency and cash-out.
What if no one in my community accepts Vollar?
At this early stage of Vollar, we are only running pilots in communities where we have active partners. If we take on a new partner, we will work with the partner to activate local merchants in the community. We are actively developing a national rollout plan to get Vollar into communities across South Africa.
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